Young Hyun

I do networking research and software development at CAIDA.

Research Interests

My interests in wide-area networking include

  • the study of the topological and dynamical properties of BGP, the de facto inter-domain routing protocol, from the perspective of BGP table snapshots and BGP update streams,
  • the active measurement of router-level and AS-level topology and RTT through traceroute-like tools (see skitter), and
  • the passive collection of packet traces to understand the composition and distribution of network traffic.

I am also interested in information visualization, especially

Although not an area of my research, I've always found computer languages to be fascinating as well, especially functional languages and domain-specific languages ("little languages"). Functional and domain-specific languages are important because they can have greater expressivity than well-known general-purpose languages like C/C++/Java, leading to greater productivity for the programmer.

I also have some interest in data structures and memory management (see my bin-arrays data structure [I need a better name], which is a kind of special-purpose memory manager for efficiently working with a large number [tens of millions] of doubly-linked lists).


See my entries in the CAIDA staff papers bibliography.


Non-work Stuff


SDSC Room 329
(858) 822-3647

UC San Diego
San Diego Supercomputer Center, MC 0505
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla CA 92093-0505


Typical work hours: M-F 9:30-6:30.

Last Modified August 31, 2021